Venues & Events

Venues & Events

We’ve created several brands over the last few years, divided over hospitality concepts, events and products. Hereby a short description of them all and the links to the concerning websites.

If you manage to find the door of our venue The Stockroom in the Oosterstraat (24-1) in Groningen city, you will be welcomed with open arms and immersed in an exceptional drinking experience that pays homage to the bygone Speakeasy era. Serving handcrafted, high quality cocktails with a no-nonsense classic approach, The Stockroom plays residence to our talented bartenders that take pride and fun in their experimentation with locally grown ingredients and homemade bitters and liquors. Quality drinking at its finest! And we call ourselves proud bastards that something so close to our heart has been recognised from the very beginning and awarded Best New Cocktail Bar of the Netherlands in 2019.

BOEL is the second venue operating under the flag of The Boilermaker Group. Inspired by the Swedish, we give Jeu de Boules a new soul in the heart of Groningen — with more cities to come. At BOEL playing Jeu de Boules and enjoying premium quality drinks and food go hand-in-hand. Before, during or after balling it out, a great selection of cocktails, craft beers and streetffood is waiting to be enjoyed and keep one happy all night long. Fun and games guaranteed whereby everyone will leave feeling a winner — even if they lost…

The Boilermaker Group is a shareholder in ‘De Graanrepubliek’, a strong collective of local farmers that are bringing back various old grains and with that flavors that we may have forgotten or never tasted before.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the province of Groningen you will find a brewery, distillery, bakery, pasta producer, brewpub, restaurant and cocktail bar — all inspired by the versatility and use of our local grains. TBG is playing a key role in the development and operations of the hospitality concepts along with the set-up and out-roll of training programmes, new business and product development of new beers and spirits — surprising isn’t it!?.

We believe that projects like De Graanrepubliek are of extreme importance for a healthy supply chain future for us all.

Wild Festival is a one of a kind culinary festival bringing together the worlds of wild, beer, natural wines and cider. A celebration of wild spontaneous fermentation and delicious foods provided by nature. The EM2 Venue is our trusted host and Beer Select our beloved partner in crime in this one.

In line with the traditions of our neighbouring country, Boilermaker’s OktoFest guarantees tons of beer, dirndls, lederhosen, schlager and spass – sehr viel spass! Sometimes it’s as ‘simple’ as that.

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