Hospitality Training

Hospitality Training

Sharing our passion for the trade with fellow enthusiasts and the next generation of bartenders is something we are always keen on. Our customized training programs will update your staff on the industry latest, refine their techniques and excel their skill set – mastering that perfect G&T or crafting a full on beer menu. We also offer brand training on location.

"The key is to combine hospitality with knowledge and skill"

A lack of experience may never be a problem, since everything can be taught, if you hire the right teacher. A higher level of knowledge and skill create confidence, which ensures better overall performance. We have the knowledge and skill to train staff on every level.

Fully customized training programs

Not much more to add, we listen to the challenges you are facing and customize our programs to your exact needs.

And this is how we do it

Step 1


Our training programs are always build based on the absence of either knowledge or skills.

Step 2


We make a plan that'll fit the specific needs of the participants. Planned as efficient as possible.

Step 3


Show up, be eager, and we will make sure you will be a better professional at the end of our program.

Step 4


Together we reflect on the training. Giving some final advice on where your staff could improve some more.

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