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We develop, own and operate award-winning drinks and food concepts that are infused with craftsmanship and a love for top notch products. The Boilermaker Group is an expert in brand activation – creating new friends and fans for premium spirit, soda and beer brands in The Netherlands and beyond.

A glimpse in our portfolio

Projects we are proud of

Down The Rabbit Hole with Hendricks

During Down The Rabbit Hole Festival we took care of the productions of Hendricks Gin, and we’ve never been so pleased with our top notch bartending staff as we ended up making around 2.000 cocktails a day.

The Peacock high-end cocktailbar

Commissioned by local entrepreneur Jan Briek we gave consult on setting up a high-end speakeasy cocktailbar in the city centre of Zwolle. We brought the right brands on board and were responsible for the whole menu engineering, hired and trained staff and intensively guided Jan throughout the whole process till the grand opening and beyond. In order to make sure everything was exactly what he wished for. 

Hooghoudt's RAW and Aged Genever

We had the honor to co-develop the Hooghoudt RAW and aged genever, and were involved in the entire process, from the first tastings to hosting the big launch event. The Hooghoudt genevers are a celebration of the true essence of Genever. Full bodied grainy spirits, flavoured with Juniper and other botanicals which makes them the perfect base for a wide range of classic cocktails.

KLM business lounge Schiphol

In 2019 KLM decided to bring their business lounge to the next level, aiming to become the most high-end airport lounge of Europe. Together with the Vermaat Group, we were flown in to make this happen. Our biggest challenge was to bring in the right professionals and train them to the level of expertise that’s required for working in the highest segment we know in the world of cocktails. 

Wild Festival Groningen

Together with Klaas Jan Geertsma, beer geek and owner of Bierselect we organize our very own Wild Festival. Which is a one of a kind culinary festival bringing together the worlds of wild, beer, natural wines and cider. A celebration of wild spontaneous fermentation and delicious foods provided by nature. 

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